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Rape Defense Law

June 29, 2020 | Author: | Posted in Education

Statistics show that every two minutes a girl gets raped in the United States alone. That statistic is shocking. More shocking still , however , is the hesitancy to consider any claim of rape as possibly fabricated or changed for lots of reasons. Nevertheless, there are many cases coming to the front line of defense law that show innocence thanks to the power to test DNA and other on-going scientific developments in testing evidence.

Even with the ability to examine tried cases, it's very difficult to protect rape claims. Often an individual is presumed guilty instead of innocent, as the law needs. A good defense lawyer has to work aggressively to defend their client from the allegations, particularly the details of the case while being careful to avoid the natural temptation to undermine the accuser’s truth.

Juries become extremely emotional during rape cases. Logic doesn't always prevail. That makes the lawyer’s job even more difficult. The attorney must have a feeling of trust in their client’s version of the facts, and put in boring hours supporting those details. Remember: the defense must bear the burden of showing proof.

At the time of a rape allegation a suspect could find himself with very little support. Policy often remain dubious be it attempted rape or the indictment of completed rape (2 totally different matters from a legal defense position). It's simple to see why, in such circumstances, retaining a criminal defense barrister experienced rape cases would be most prudent (the earlier, the better).

Some reading this article could find themselves incensed at the concept of interrogating a claim of rape or attempted rape, but there are many reasons which explain why someone might lie about this crime. Maybe one party was hurt by the other and is attempting to find revenge – what better way than to sully that person’s reputation and doubtless get a conviction with jail time? Another common reason for a fake claim is regret and fear of reprisal from an authority figure. These possibilities must be measured in an identical manner as the claim itself in order to serve true justice.

It's also necessary to remember that girls aren't the only victims of rape. Folks of any age and genders experience this crime. Each time one individual falsely accuses another, it weakens the capability for another victim to be regarded seriously and get the help they require. The criminal defense solicitor sees to it that both sides proof gets heard with the least amount of bias.

This manuscript is for educational purposes only. You should generally check with your lawyer before making any legal decisions. The Mays Law Firm is not liable for action taken based upon info in this piece.

Stephen Mays is the owner of Brevard County Criminal Defense a law firm in Brevard County offering free consultations from their internet site for criminal defense cases.


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